Friday, June 9, 2017

We've Got the Moving Blues

We closed on our new house today. 

It’s a bittersweet moment. When we first moved into the tiny town we live in, we promised our kids that unless something big happened, we would be there long enough for them to finish school. Well, something big happened. My husband’s company had a huge re-org, and the end result is that he’s being transferred from a work from home position to an office-based one. And we, our three kids and our five cats are moving 400+ miles back down south.

The logistics are enough to make my head explode. Especially when it’s overlapped with the kids’ end of the year activities and working out the last two weeks at my current job. The truth is, my coping skills are exhausted, and I can’t WAIT to finish work and school so I can just focus on one thing at a time!

We’re all a little back and forth on how we feel about the move itself. The house we’re buying is gorgeous, and big enough that the kids are all actually going to have their own space. Which is something we definitely don’t have right now. (G-money just wants a room big enough that he can set up his computer instead of gaming in the dining room. That's how sad his current room situation is!)They’ll be closer to the grandparents and the cousins. 

It doesn’t snow nine months out of the year, so it has that going for it, which is nice.

On the flip side, kids are less than thrilled to be leaving their friends. I really like the job I’m giving up, even though I’m fortunate to have another already waiting for me. And of course, Princess C just got back to school, and her BFFs and her boyfriend are all within walking distance of us right now. So I’m sure that’s going to trigger some meltdowns.

I guess right now, all we can do is wait and see. And hope spending 8 hours in a vehicle with 5 cats isn’t the debacle I think it’s going to be!


Unknown said...

So randomly looked you up today... does this mean you are moving back down to my area of the world? If so say Hi sometime while you are down here for the record, long time no see...

-- Slacker (From KGHS, only a little farther south nowadays)

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