Monday, August 20, 2012

School Clothes Shopping

I thought I was going to get lucky this year. I really did. Mr. A needs new pants, but otherwise he’s pretty good on clothes. Princess C started the summer wearing the same size range as she did last year, and G-Money was the recipient of so many hand-me-downsI’m not going to have to shop for him for years.

New socks, a few new t-shirts for the boys and we’re ready to rock!
Then I took a good look at Princess C’s wardrobe and realized I wasn’t getting that lucky. You’d think it would be my boys who were hard on their clothes. Nope, not so much. Everything in her dresser right now has either stains, holes or both. The bottoms are falling off of her pants. Her shirts have shrunk in the dryer. Her skorts from last year aren’t too bad, but let’s be realistic. We live in New England. Global warming or not, it’ll be a miracle if it’s not snowing by Halloween.

So, this weekend, we get to go school clothes shopping. And because the boys would rather have their toenails plucked than go shopping when they don’t have to, it’s going to be ladies’ day out all the way around. Maybe we’ll make it to Red Lobster this time. Those shrimp are calling my name.

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