Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yay Sick Days

Hello hello hello! Did you miss me?

It’s been a wild summer. Kids spent a month out of state with my in-laws while I finished some college classes. (More on that when I’ve put the trauma out of my mind.) I spent that whole month scouting out great things to do with the kids when they got back.

I planned camping trips. I planned amusement park days. I planned for picnics and pools and movies and all sorts of other stuff. So what’s the first thing they do when they get back?

Okay, the first thing they did was spend two days at Jellystone, which was AMAZING. The second thing they did was get sick.

Yup. Sick. For the last one…three…five days I’ve had at least one kid down with the plague at any point in time. Princess C had to come home early from a slumber party the other night. I left her home with Dad to take the boys to the state park for a day of fun, sun and swimming, only to have Mr. A drop on the way home with a fever, cough and general misery.

I was so aggravated with the amount of time they spent on the computer and watching TV while they were gone. I SWORE I was going to get them out and about when they got home. What happened? We’ve had a five day cartoon marathon while the kids lay around in bored misery and mom tries to work, catch up on two weeks’ of errands and housework, job hunt and play nurse, all at the same time.

No days at the park or Chuck E. Cheese with my laptop in one hand and a juice box in the other. No early morning work sessions so we can spend the afternoon at the pool. I love sick days. (sigh)

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