Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Surviving Election Year (and Still Having a Babysitter!)

I try and turn a blind eye to the smear campaigns rolling around during election year. I don’t support them. I don’t support the people hosting them. I SERIOUSLY don’t support the candidates that endorse them.

Sometimes, however, you’ll come across a smear campaign so widely propagated that you have to say something about it. Because not only does it make you look unfavorably on the candidate and their campaign managers, it makes you lose all respect for the person posting. 

Yep, I said posting. Because for me, that breaking point was seeing post after post of smear campaign propaganda posted on Facebook by someone I like. Someone I’ve known a very long time. Someone I used to have a great deal of respect for. And someone I will never again be comfortable leaving in charge of my children.

As a parent, I encourage my kids to express their views. I also encourage them to use their manners, think before they speak, show respect for their elders and authority figures, stick to the facts and not try and win an argument by throwing their opponent under the bus.And I expect the adults I entrust with the responsibility of their care to do the same.

“But it’s just a Facebook post!” Your Facebook page is a representation of your personal brand. What you put on your page, you are personally endorsing. Being an azzhat on Facebook makes you an azzhat in real life. Not only because you’re repeating it, but because by repeating it you’re stating that this is both right and a reflection of your personal beliefs.

THINK before you speak. Be careful what you post. And for the love of God, can election year be over already?

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