Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kindergartners for President!!

I bet she'd support my movement to elect a  cat for president....
There are no words to describe how happy I am that this election is over. Not because President Obama is starting his second term and, I hope, gearing up to make good on the potential we saw in his last four years, although I did vote for the man. No, today marks a bigger day for me. 

The end of the party-clashing nastiness that has dominated my Facebook page, news headlines, Twitter stream and much, much more for the past 12 months.

I went on an unfriending spree this morning in the wake of party-clashing rhetoric on my page. I’m tired of it. The election is OVER. We need to work TOGETHER for the next four years if we want to do better than we have the last four years.

For four  years, all I’ve seen in our government is party politics, stonewalling, stalling (to the point that our government was on the verge of shutting down) and an unwillingness to compromise. We have financial geniuses in office right now. So why is our budget off? Don’t tell me it’s because of our president. One man does not an economy make. Many people are responsible for the mess we’re in, and many people need to grow the (bleep) up, step up to the plate and fix it. 

In honor of that, I propose we send all of our politicians back to Kindergarten. And I’d like to send the venom-spewing, propaganda spouting, hateful party members that have made this election the nightmare that it’s been right along with them. Why? Because if we’re going to have a prayer of pulling our economy, our government and our way of life into tomorrow while still in one piece, they need to learn to:
  •       Treat others with respect
  • ·         Stay out of the mud
  • ·         Focus on the task at hand
  • ·         Let bygones be bygones
  • ·         Clean up after themselves
  • ·         Compromise
  • ·         Pool their resources to get the job done
  • ·         Show consideration for the opinions and choices of others
  • ·         Move beyond their differences to achieve a common goal
And, most importantly…

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!!!!!!

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